Transparent District of Prague – Čakovice

Live video streams broadcast from City Council meetings

The NetRex streaming service has become an important tool used to communicate with citizens in our city district. Live streams allow citizens to watch streams broadcasted from Council meetings directly from the comfort of their homes.“ Alexander Lochman, Prague, Čakovice City Mayor.


Strong public demand for video streams broadcast from meetings of the highest municipal bodies and demands for greater meeting and negotiation transparency: these are everyday situations that official representatives must deal with. These videos are particularly important when making decisions about the use of public funds or when approving city development programs. Prague’s district of Čakovice also needed to find out how to make Council meetings available to as many citizens of the total of 10,000 people residing in this district as possible.


To be able to broadcast live streams from meetings of the Council the city council selected NetRex. A highquality AXIS P1344 camera offering HD 720p picture resolution and high-quality audio is used to film these meetings. The NetRex streaming service broadcasts picture and audio from the camera to a central application platform, where the recorded data is multiplied and distributed to viewers. Unlike regular web streams, this solution allows thousands of viewers to watch streams simultaneously without the need for a high-quality and fast Internet connection at the relevant location. A regular ADSL connection is sufficient. Recordings are continuously stored via the Internet in remote servers and also in high-quality on an SD card in the camera.


Thanks to the city webpage, regular council meetings are now easily accessible to the vast majority of inhabitants in the city district from the comfort of their homes. A great advantage of this solution is the low cost – you do not need to have your own camera, and additionally the fast application of the system and easy control of the streamed broadcast via a web interface.

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