DELPHI Diesel Systems monitors its production using Axis network cameras.

Network cameras integrated into the production management system make it possible to detect irregular components and prevent manufacturing errors.

“Only precise and high-performance tools can validate our products which fully meet the strictest requirements and standards of the world’s main automobile manufacturers. Axis network cameras appeared to meet these technical criteria and also satisfy the requirements of the La Rochelle site in terms of savings and configuration.“ Olivier Revranche, DELPHI automation specialist.


An automobile parts manufacturer, the American company DELPHI is one of the first to meet the technological challenge of Common Rail technology by creating so-called next-generation systems for diesel engines. In France, the international group has 2 production centers in Blois and La Rochelle, as well as a national network of 230 “Diesel Service Auto” technical centers. At the La Rochelle production site, the automation center team wanted to develop a video system to monitor production and identify components in each of the product manufacturing stages.


Mr. Revranche, an automation specialist, suggested that his “Industrialization Project” committee should integrate Axis network cameras to perform production controls. The images generated by the cameras are then analyzed by a software solution developed internally by DELPHI, which is used for rejecting all irregular parts.


Axis network cameras, which can easily be integrated into the production control solution thanks to their open standards, provide high-definition images enabling a precise and optimal analysis of the presence, color, shape, and reference number of the components. The automation center is extremely satisfied with its installation.

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