JC Aubry Vocational School moves its video surveillance to an IP-based system

To ensure the safety of its students and protect equipment, the school is upgrading its analog system to an Axis network video solution

“Video surveillance makes our daily work easier. For example, there were various instances of damage done to the school. Using the recordings that we went back to, we were able to identify the guilty parties and take action.“ Yves Pasian, Principal of Jean-Claude Aubry High School.


Named an “industrial arts and technical trade school”, or vocational school, by the National Education Ministry in 2006, the Jean-Claude Aubry High School offers training from the CAP professional certificate to the BTS technical diploma in fashion, industry, electrical engineering, and even automotive studies. Following an expansion of its buildings, the school wanted to expand its video surveillance system, and take the opportunity to acquire a more up-to-date solution, and one that is able to resist any possible damage.


Domsystel, an IT services company, was able to find the right solution for the Aubry School. The old analog cameras were able to be kept with the help of Axis video encoders and were integrated into the new IP camera system. Among the new cameras, vandal-resistant models were selected and placed in areas that may be exposed to damage.


Staff and students feel safe and buildings and equipment are now totally protected. The system installed by Domsystel made it possible to identify people involved in malevolent acts.

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