Global Operation Center

Zero-failure security evidences smart management of a top-class commercial and office building

“Our Axis network surveillance system not only provides rapid transmission and clear images but also enables easy scalability in the future. The Axis network surveillance system — just like the Global Operation Center — is expected to remain effective and innovative even after 10 years.“ Mr. Hsu, Technical Department, Global Operation Center.


Located in the new Taichung city government office zone, the Global Operation Center is a top-class commercial and office building for financial companies. The Center is for lease only and features highly efficient, highly scalable network video surveillance service, which is key to smart management of contemporary buildings, in order to provide tight public space security to its financial tenants, so that they are able to focus on their operations and better improve customer service quality.


Alpha Pricing Co., an Axis distribution partner, proposed Axis network cameras that meet different spatial requirements, to the management of the Global Operation Center. Such cameras are supported by the Milestone video management platform that facilitates control to implement public space security at the Center with very high efficiency. The solution offered by Alpha Pricing Co. installed 90 Axis H.264 network cameras, including AXIS M3204, AXIS P1344-E, AXIS P3304-V, AXIS M3014, and AXIS M3113-VE.


With its Axis video surveillance system in place, the Global Operation Center now enjoys zero-failure security, which frees all its tenants from any security concerns to successfully fulfill the Center’s commitment to providing top-class security service to its tenants. Axis network cameras and the Milestone video management platform monitor all the activities at the Center’s underground parking space and its gate, ground floor lobby, elevators, and emergency exits as well as cargo stair doors and the designated passageway for trucks. The system effectively accesses the videos captured in any specific space and period to rapidly resolve security incidents as well as tenant and visitor complaints.

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