Kadaň Municipal Police

Mobile surveillance system extends arm of law enforcement

The mobility of the surveillance system, the video quality and easy availability for both operators and patrolling officers assist us substantially in protecting our citizens’ security and property. The mobile system is a very convenient extension to our existing camera system in the town.“ Jaroslav Ölveczki, Deputy Head of Kadaň Municipal Police.


Kadaň is a picturesque town located in northwest Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. The peace and security of its 18,000 inhabitants is guarded by 26 Municipal Police officers. They are aided in their difficult work by 18 strategically located cameras supervised by 4 operators. In spite of that, the town has certain problem areas. One of them is the recently renovated riverbank promenade, which has experienced some vandalism. The Municipal Police have opted for radical action and started looking for a sophisticated surveillance solution that can be moved to different locations in future as needed.


To monitor the playground by the promenade, the Police have chosen a NetRex mobile surveillance set, equipped with a top-class AXIS P1344 IP camera with zoom lens and high-performance infrared backlighting for perfect surveillance even in total darkness. The system, installed on a street lamp post that provides the power supply, watches the playground from about 50 meters away. Via mobile Internet connection, the recording is continuously saved on remote secure servers; it is duplicated in high quality on the high-capacity SD card inserted in the camera itself.


The installed camera has significantly reduced acts of vandalism and helped enforce the playground visitor rules. In addition to the Municipal Police operator monitoring the current situation and recordings, there is the invaluable option of the police officer on patrol being able to simply watch the situation in the playground using his mobile phone. Another indisputable benefit is the possibility to move the camera quickly to a different problem area. The only thing it requires is a power supply, for example from a lamp post, because the video transmission is provided by Internet provider. To take the camera down and mount it elsewhere takes only 2 hours.

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