Axis provides Chinese Academy of Sciences with security surveillance

Safeguarding building property with network video

“Axis video encoders are easy to install and maintain. The software partner, RAGILE, provides the user with reliable service, ensuring the system is stable, and enabling us to enjoy the advantage brought by network video systems.“ Zhang Xu, Project Director of Kekong Yihai Project.


The Center for Space Science and Applied Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a core scientific research institution in the space science and applied research area. Due to growth, the original building was not large enough to accommodate new scientific staff and experimental instruments. The Chinese Academy of Sciences therefore decided to build the new Jiuzhang Building in March 2008. The building, designed to be 12 stories high with 2 additional basement floors, can accommodate 700 staff members and 400 students.


The security system had to monitor all entrances, exits, corridors and critical areas in the new building, while fully integrating with the existing analog system in place in the old building to ensure unified surveillance management. Considering the scalability and integration needs, fixed and dome cameras were used, while Axis video encoders were selected to migrate the whole analog system to IP.


Thanks to AXIS 243Q Video Encoders, all surveillance points within the entire building are managed centrally in the surveillance room to ensure staff and research equipment in the building are protected. In case of failure at any point in the building, real-time images can be viewed at any time. Similarly, the integration with the infrared alarm system improves security and ensures any failure can be identified and handled quickly.

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