Axis network cameras enable timely IT troubleshooting

Real-time monitoring and rapid problem resolution add up to effective management of IT network across Southern China

“Real-time monitoring via network camera is a cost-effective solution to the challenge of supporting mission-critical operations at multiple remote sites. We know exactly what is going on at each location and can marshal our resources to solve problems in the shortest possible time.“ James Wan, Project Manager, Hi-End Computer Limited.


Hong Kong-based Hi-End Computer provides IT outsourcing services to large organizations in Asia Pacific. Among these is one of the world’s largest transportation companies, for which it manages an extensive computer network comprising 12 large data centers and a number of smaller hubs and server rooms across Southern China. As part of its service agreement, Hi-End Computer monitors this geographically dispersed but mission-critical network around the clock and guarantees four-hour problem resolution.


To help efficiently and cost-effectively manage and troubleshoot its client’s computer installations, Hi-End Computer uses a network video solution based on AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras. A typical 2,000 square foot data centre has five network cameras installed, while a smaller hub or server room can be covered by a single unit. When a new site is being set up, the Axis cameras go in as early as possible so that the Hi-End Computer client can monitor work progress without having to send someone on-site. Then, once the facility is up and running, Hi-End Computer technicians use the cameras to monitor and troubleshoot the infrastructure remotely over a secure Internet connection.


With high-quality network video monitoring from Axis, Hi-End Computer does not need to assign a highly trained IT expert to each of its client’s remote sites. Instead, monitoring and troubleshooting take place in real time via video. If a problem occurs, Hi-End Computer technicians monitor the situation over the video link and guide non-technical onsite staff in resolving it with step-by-step instructions.

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