Korea Railroad builds safer security system by linking Axis network cameras and depot fire detection system

Reinforcing security image management and monitoring capabilities, and securing the ability to respond to fires quickly and accurately with full HDTV images

The full HDTV-class high-resolution images, provided by the Axis network cameras, boosts security in the large lot of the depot, including the buildings, rolling stocks and blind spots. “ The Security Manager of the Goyang Rolling Stock Workshop.


Korea Railroad is a public corporation in charge of managing the national railroad of Korea and related business. The Goyang Rolling Stock Workshop of the Metropolitan Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot is the starting point and final destination of KTX (Korea Train eXpress). It sits on more than 1.3 million m2 and consists of 31 buildings. The KTX rolling stocks, running more than 3,000 km for 17 hours a day and carry thousands of passengers, are maintained day and night. Network cameras were installed inside and outside the buildings, such as the light maintenance inspection garage and heavy maintenance garage. They were also installed in the wheel repair shop to enable real-time recording, search and playback of recorded images. These cameras are integrated with the fire detection system for fire prevention and provide reinforcement of security so the head office in Seoul can monitor what goes on in the depot.


To ensure the safety of the large site of the Goyang Rolling Stock Depot, TNX Systems, an Axis partner, proposed and installed full HD-class Axis network cameras. This video management system not only secures high-resolution images, but also directs the cameras to where a fire started since the system is integrated with the fire detection system. This results in prompt assessment of the situation so corrective measures can be taken.


The Goyang Rolling Stock Workshop uses AXIS Q6035/-E and AXIS M1114 Network Cameras to secure HDTV images, and capitalizes on software that integrates with the fire detection system to check and monitor incidents in real-time so the large rolling stock depot can be safely protected. As a result, it is now possible to manage the access records of visitors to the depot and ensure the safety of employees; and the clearer images of the KTX rolling stocks have reinforced security. In addition, the high-quality images have improved the ability to monitor blind spots such as the outside fences and vulnerable areas, enabling rapid response to any situation.

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