The Municipal Museum of The Hague chooses cost-effective security with Axis network cameras

Analog and IP cameras are integrated via a centrally controlled video system

"With 500,000 visitors per year, the Municipal Museum of The Hague is one of the 5 most frequently visited museums. We want to guarantee the safety of these people as much as possible." Karel Kolk, Head of Building and Installations, Municipal Museum of The Hague.


The Municipal Museum of The Hague wanted to bring its building and surroundings together more effectively. The fragmented environment with its partial camera and monitor systems and limited storage capacity had to be modernized. To keep its investments to a minimum, the museum wanted to connect the traditional cameras it already had to an IP network and integrate them in a central IP-based video system. The renovated central video system also had to be connected to the security management system.


Together with Axis partner, Videotronic, and its installation partner, Fensis, the Municipal Museum designed and implemented a centrally operated video system. In the new environment, all the existing cameras were equipped with AXIS Q7406 Video Encoders that support the conversion to TCI/IP. A number of new AXIS P3343 and AXIS P1343 Network Cameras with PoE were also installed. All the cameras are coupled to CamIQ servers via the network for efficient and central image storage. In addition, the emergency control center has been modernized and equipped with a new video wall with six 42” monitors.


With the new surveillance system, the Municipal Museum of The Hague has a fully integrated video system at its disposal that provides a good overview of the building and the surrounding public area. All images are transmitted to the CamIQ servers via the IP network and stored. Images can be followed in real-time on the video wall, and configured in a flexible way. Images can also be quickly called up and combined in the event of an incident. With this new environment, the museum has at its disposal a flexible and scalable video system, which will make it possible to quickly implement future developments or extensions.

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