Axis improves the level of hospitality and customer satisfaction at historical Japanese Inn

‘Concierge Cameras’ enable speedier customer service and more efficient business operation

“To ensure that our guests can relax throughout their stay with us, we attentively watch the footage captured by the Concierge Cameras to always know the customer needs.“ Mrs. Yasuda, Proprietress of Yasudaya Inn.


Yasudaya Inn was established in 1887 in Izu, one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts with a long history. The inn’s sukiya-style building has been registered as a national asset, and is famous for accommodating the great novelist Osamu Dazai, while he penned one of his most famous works, The Setting Sun. To this day, the inn is the favorite accommodation for fans of Dazai, as well as many tourists who frequent the area for the irresistible beauty and charms of Izu. Yasudaya Inn takes pride in their tradition of showing the utmost hospitality to its guests, so they enjoy their visit to the utmost. In recent years, guests’ needs diversified, and Yasudaya became aware of the need to not only sustain but also improve the level of their hospitality. One way to do so was to increase the number of employees, and that option was considered. However, it takes time to find and train suitable personnel.


TriWorks Corp. made a proposal of ‘Concierge Cameras’, where a network camera system serves as a concierge to improve the tradition of hospitality and the level of customer satisfaction. In the past, when hearing the word “camera”, one would normally think of security cameras, and Yasudaya initially resisted the idea, as they thought it would violate customers’ privacy. However, they soon realized that such a ‘Concierge Camera system’ would be easy to implement and effective to improve customer satisfaction. The plan was to set up the cameras only in places where privacy was not an issue, such as the lobby, hallways, and parking lots.


Since the implementation of the system, Yasudaya has been able to help customers lost on the premises more quickly than before, and use the recorded footage to find the rightful owner of luggage left behind in the lobby. These are only a few examples of improved service, and the camera system is highly rated by the Inn’s customers. The number of times staff has to patrol the premises has been reduced, leading to higher efficiency of the business operation. The benefits of the system implementation have been greater than expected.

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