Cutting-edge surveillance system with number plate recognition for access control

Exquisite residential wine estate selects Axis network cameras for automated security

“We now have a security system that not only keeps us safe, but also makes the process of entering and exiting our estate as stress-free as it is to live here.“ Henri van Rensburg, La Petite Provence Estate Manager.


Unfortunately, crime can affect even the most idyllic of settings and boutique wineries are no exception. La Petite Provence, a well-known residential wine estate in the picturesque village of Franschhoek, Western Cape Province, South Africa, wanted to replace their outdated CCTV cameras with a fully automated, innovative system.


Axis partner, Camsecure, designed a surveillance system using Axis network cameras and Milestone XProtect® software that was easy to install, is simple to manage and can be expanded with minimum effort. La Petite Provence no longer operates two separate systems for surveillance and access control, thereby reducing administrative effort and expense. An integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution ensures that infringements are unable to slip between the cracks.


La Petite Provence residents no longer have the need for access cards or tags to gain entrance to the estate. A registered number plate is recognized by the Milestone XProtect® software via the Axis network cameras and the boom is automatically raised. Patrolling security guards have the support of a cutting-edge surveillance system to provide the necessary intelligence to streamline their duties.

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