Sokcho Coast Guard fills security gap with Axis network cameras

Intelligent dome network camera enhances security and deterrence efficiency

“The Axis security systems installed throughout major ports in this area have greatly helped fill the gap in security caused by the lack of resources and enhanced our efficiency by allowing us to integrate all our systems wirelessly.“ Sokcho Coast Guard official.


With the Ministry of National Defense progressively downsizing alternative service workers, the port areas of Sokcho, which had previously been guarded by alternative service workers, were faced with security concerns. Accordingly, the Sokcho Coast Guard planned to establish a more efficient security system to maintain its responsiveness to marine accidents. The agency also intended to set up a security management system that could help reduce the number of incidents in accidentprone areas including major tourist attractions. The security management system to be established was planned with the end in view of preventing accidents by warning tourists and helping them evacuate safely when attempting to approach risky areas, i.e. a bulwark or a rock on the seashore, or when an emergency such as a drastic change of weather appears imminent. In addition, Sokcho wanted to install a vessel access control and monitoring system to be able to respond flexibly to the increase in the number of users of cruise ships, excursion ships, and fishing boats.


Sokcho Coast Guard had already implemented an upgraded security system reinforced by network cameras supplied by Power Technology and Axis Communications in 2008. Having confirmed the quality of its partners’ products through this successful upgrade, Sokcho thought it was only natural to integrate the existing system into a new one with the help of its partners. Sokcho Coast Guard now has 8 channels in the Axis network camera system including 4 existing channels, with the goal of enhancing security surveillance efficiency. The cameras offer outstanding image quality and easy-to-use interfaces to minimize the dead zone of surveillance and keep track of the condition of certain areas through remote monitoring from the central control room.

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