Surveillance system brings pets and owners back together

IP-Surveillance solution increases staff and visitor safety and security, and acts as a major deterrent to intruders

"To ensure effective 24-hour surveillance of the site we made sure that the cameras were able to operate in all indoor and outdoor light conditions." says David Collidge, Managing Partner at AKM Security Surveillance.


The team at the Gold Coast City Council Animal Management facility was experiencing issues with owners who came to collect their impounded pets and often became aggressive and violent with staff. The implementation aimed to increase the safety and security of employees and also provision for visitor safety and overall site security at the same time.


AKM Security Surveillance installed a system of ten outdoor network cameras that survey the property perimeter to deter intruders. A further sixteen indoor network cameras are located in the dog pens for the ‘Dog Identification System’ so that owners can identify their animals remotely from a monitor located in the main office.


The ‘Dog Identification System’ has increased staff physical safety as pet ID and fee payments are managed before giving clients direct access to their pets. Visiting client safety is also improved as they are no longer exposed to the animals in the facility. The outdoor cameras have also succeeded as a deterrent to potential intruders with the number of break-ins at the facility significantly decreasing.

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