Seamless protection of hotel guests and vehicles with Axis solution

Okura Hotels and Resorts implements advanced security surveillance system

“The appearance and high definition quality of Axis cameras significantly outdo those provided by competing brands. With Axis cameras, Okura is able to achieve a perfect balance between guest privacy and security. Axis and Siemens meet Okura’s expectations completely because the two companies’ commitment to quality is consistent with Okura’s high standard for guest service.“ The Okura Prestige Taipei.


The newly opened 5-star hotel has effectively implemented an advanced security control strategy in order to help ensure the best guest service quality. Real-time monitoring enabled by the strategy covers all entrances, guestroom floors, public area facilities, valuable art collections at the hotel, as well as how deliveries are made by suppliers.


Okura Hotels & Resorts has successfully had its security monitoring system implemented because of the full support provided by Siemens. Siemens, which is very experienced in high-rise building security control, provided Okura Hotels & Resorts with its SiPass® Integrated security management system supporting approximately 200 Axis network cameras, including six models using the H.264 compression standard: AXIS M3014, AXIS P3364, AXIS M1114, AXIS P3344, AXIS M3113-R, and AXIS P5532. They provide the most discreet design and functions of network cameras based on different occasions and spaces, for instance Axis’ unique Lightfinder technology for surveillance in low-light conditions.


The new security control system provided by Axis helps Okura Hotels & Resorts closely monitor high-risk areas, including the movement of people and vehicles. High definition images provided by Axis network cameras can focus on any license plate in question, help find lost belongings, and provide timely evidence to prevent and resolve both guest service and security issues.

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