Axis builds cutting-edge network video surveillance system

HDTV network camera used to achieve outstanding image quality

“We are satisfied with all aspects, from the high-definition image quality of the Axis HDTV network camera to the flexibility of integrating various applications, and to the scalability that enables future system expansion.“ says a representative from Busan Global Village.


Busan Global Village opened in July 2009 as the first day-visitor English immersion facilities in Busan. The village offers special English experience programs for Busan citizens — from toddlers to adults — in an environment where only English is spoken. The programs are designed to promote English learning and boost participants’ confidence in speaking English. Aside from the facilities, the video surveillance system is also high-end. Busan City made a great effort to build a proven cutting-edge system by integrating cameras with HDTV image quality performance.


Busan Global Village selected an IP solution according to its own strict standards when it changed its analogbased plan to an IP-based one. It took various aspects into account including cost, features, service, recognition, and management efficiency. The organization also tested whether the system actually yielded HDTV image quality and if it could be managed stably on a network. The Axis network video solution passed the test in all areas and received high marks particularly in terms of the cost of moving the control center after the infrastructure had been built. Moreover, compared to the existing analog system, it is more cost-effective, thus lowering the total cost of ownership. With an image quality that is unrivaled by other competitors, the Axis network video solution was the clear choice.


The Axis network video system offers simple and effective surveillance anytime, anywhere. Unlike analog systems that involve complex construction, costs will be slashed with the network video system since the only need is to install the desired devices and begin operation immediately. It is also possible to maintain the system remotely because it is connected to the network, considerably cutting down on maintenance and repair costs. The system will also enhance customer satisfaction with its surveillance application program that meets customer demands.

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