Cutting-edge security at Aspen Hills Nature Estate

Axis thermal cameras keep luxury residential estate safe as houses

Ensuring that the perimeter is effectively secured is critical for the well-being of the residents of Aspen Hills. The Axis thermal cameras are an integral part of this process.“ Roland Habib, Hymax Gauteng Director.


Aspen Hills Nature Estate offers residents a lifestyle created around spectacular landscapes, healthy outdoor activities and a tranquil atmosphere. In order to maintain this harmony and serenity, it is necessary to ensure that homeowners and their properties are thoroughly protected. The only way to achieve this is through the deployment of an advanced security system supported by cutting-edge products.


As with any residential estate, the perimeter of the property presents a real risk in terms of unauthorized entry and criminal activity. Hymax Gauteng, Aspen Hills’ security system integrator, selected Axis thermal network cameras in order to overcome the challenge of providing a surveillance solution in a completely dark environment.


The absence of illumination no longer hinders the detection and apprehension of intruders. Residents of Aspen Hills Nature Estate are able to enjoy the peacefulness and splendor of their country-style living without the constant threat of security-related incidents.

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