Seoul City implements parking system surveillance

High-quality video surveillance system with AXIS 233D Network Cameras

“We believe we made the perfect choice in building an unmanned parking surveillance system since AXIS 233D not only integrates perfectly with our system but also delivers precise images and high performance. We are completely satisfied with AXIS 233D since we are now able to implement high-quality video surveillance for illegal parking regulation.“ Official from Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service.


As one of its 20 key missions, Seoul is promoting the “12 Million Visitors Attraction Project” as an economic tourism center. As part of this project, Seoul City began constructing Namsan as a tourism resource and a historical cultural street. As a result, the number of tourists is expected to increase together with traffic and illegal parking. Using field studies in cooperation with the project’s management, Seoul City decided to build a new unmanned parking lot regulation system, taking into account integration with the existing system, convenient management, video quality, and street surveillance in 9 locations.


The existing parking surveillance system used analog dome cameras configured with precise settings. Since these cameras produced unclear images, license plates were often misread, causing difficulties in regulating illegal parking. Therefore, Seoul City implemented the AXIS 233D Network Dome Camera, which uses progressive scan.
Compatible with the existing network, the Axis camera provides crisp, clear images that support the new license plate identification module. It not only integrates perfectly with the existing system but also operates when there are many external errors, and it records quickly and precisely.


Seoul City built a semi-automatic system with AXIS 233D; it has implemented a high-definition video surveillance system through progressive monitoring with auto-focus and zoom features as well as better quality video than the existing dome cameras. With high-speed movement of 360º, AXIS 233D can also zoom in on small and distant objects, thus allowing, for example, license plates to be identified clearly from a distance of 70m. With this system in operation, Seoul City not only addressed its illegal parking problems but also stabilized and optimized the parking regulation system and operation.

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