Hoorn80 business park protected by Axis network cameras

Network video system provides powerful surveillance, monitoring and management capabilities

“Thanks to the Axis network cameras, we are able to capture events in the business park in detail. In addition to specific video management and content analysis software providing continuous monitoring, the camera itself also signals anything suspicious it detects. We can cut back considerably on security guard rounds by doing this patrolling digitally now.“
Gerard Fit, Director Hoorn Park Management.


Hoorn80, located in Hoorn (The Netherlands), is a business park spreading over a total area of 65 hectares and is home to 160 companies. To prevent criminal activity, theft and disorder, Hoorn Park Management was looking for an effective and intelligent video surveillance solution that would not only increase security in the area, but also allow remote monitoring of the system’s status for management and maintenance purposes.


Hoorn Park Management opted for a complete IP-based camera installation consisting of 16 Axis PTZ dome network cameras and Agent VI video management software. The network video system in place, providing for both overview images of the environment and the ability to zoom in on details, offers numerous possibilities for monitoring the park’s environment and detecting suspicious incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, based on presets.


Following system deployment, Hoorn Park Management has seen an 85% decrease in disorderly and criminal activities. All suspicious activity that occurs is captured on camera - all illegal actions in the business park are recorded by the camera system, making it easier to identify and apprehend offenders, and recover losses.

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