CAESB combines human security and electronics with Axis IP cameras

The Federal District Sanitation Company went from 35 to 57 electronic surveillance stations and substantially reduced costs

We have seen that human security presents difficulties, as a guard generally works alone, in a remote location, and that does not guarantee security - neither his own, nor that of the property. We’re talking about units with difficult access in remote locations, where risks really do exist.“ Cristiano Carvalho, CAESB manager of security.


Responsible for supplying water to 97% of the population in the Federal District, in addition to providing sanitation services to 94% of the inhabitants of the region, CAESB serves 2.17 million people. Due to the need to monitor hundreds of operating points, reservoirs, and water and sewage systems and stations - many of them in remote locations, the company has undergone a process of integrating human surveillance with IP video surveillance technology.


Starting with a service contract for five years, the solution designed by the client, together with Brasilia Segurança, through technical advice from their partner Explora, was to implement the new system in the new points of access and corridors of the units selected, as well as in high-traffic areas. PTZ dome cameras were positioned at points of high altitude and visibility. So far, approximately 200 network cameras have been installed, including models AXIS M1011, AXIS M1113, AXIS P1343, AXIS P3343-VE, AXIS P5532-E and AXIS Q6032-E.


The project has fulfilled the mission of ensuring the security of CAESB’s assets with lower costs and greater efficiency. In January 2008, the company had 35 electronic surveillance points; it currently has 57. “Security costs were too high because we have hundreds of properties. If you consider that each human-manned guard station costs, per month, about 13,000 Brazilian reais (while an automated station costs 4,000 reais), image the total volume of that,” points out Cristiano Carvalho, the client’s security manager, who has achieved monthly savings of approximately 300,000 reais.

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