Mobile monitoring solution for techies

The Hamburg portal uses Axis IP cameras for monitoring its editorial office

A monitoring solution for our office that can be controlled while on the move is very important for us techies. If such a system is also available at a good price, we can recommend it without reservation.“ Sascha Hottes, Managing Director of netzwelt GmbH.


As an online magazine for consumer electronic products, regularly tests new products from wellknown manufacturers. These manufacturers must be able to rely on having their devices adequately monitored during the entire period of the loan. That is why it is important for a video monitoring solution to be simple to administer and guarantee high quality along with stable and interruption-free transfer of information. Costs are also an essential feature for Reliable monitoring of offices should not involve expenses that are too great for an appropriate infrastructure.


To monitor the editorial office, uses the Synology network memory DS212+ in coordination with the Video-Decoder VS80 from Synology and Axis network cameras. With this equipment, in-house technicians can use a central television screen to look at the video stream. The advantage of this solution: With up to 9 monitoring cameras (AXIS M1054), the VS80 enables the monitoring of broad stretches of the company spaces, from the entrance all the way to the individual corridor areas. The DS212+ offers an interface for video monitoring that includes comfortable viewing possibilities from the various IP cameras; the pictures are marked with the day of the week and the time. When using mobile apps from the DiskStation Manager Server operating system, the network memory also allows monitoring of spaces while working remotely.


The integration of the monitoring solution allows to have flexible monitoring of the entire office building. Mobile apps can access the video stream as needed. Connection to another computer for control and data storage is superfluous due to the integration of the DS212+ and the VS80. In addition, standard NAS functions can be reliably operated in parallel.

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