Socicam improves operation of the Brasilia bus station with Axis IP cameras

Greater management control and monitoring of the more than 5,000 passengers

We are going to build a new terminal in Belo Horizonte (MG), which should begin operations within two years, and we may possibly expand the project there.“ Antônio Pedro Júnior, manager of corporate technology at Socicam.


Approximately 5,000 people circulate daily through the bus station in Brasilia (FD), which occupies an area of 20,000m2. The management of this complex system of passenger transportation is the role of Socicam, also responsible for managing 43 other intercity bus stations and 74 urban bus terminals in Brazil, in addition to working in Chile and Peru. With its technology platform, Axis brought a solution to monitor the strategic points of revenue generation and passenger movement in the station of the federal capital - such as parking lots, shops, loading, unloading, waiting area and ticket sales - fulfilling the security requirements of the municipal government.


Designed in cooperation with Explora Tecnologia, a provider of IT services in Brasilia, the project defined the installation of 27 AXIS P1343 Network Cameras, one AXIS P3343 Network Camera and three AXIS Q6032-E Network Cameras, as well as one AXIS 295 Joystick. For local monitoring of the images, NUUO surveillance software was used, whereas Explora’s global management center relied on NUUO’s Central Management System. NUUO’s technology is represented and distributed in the domestic market by Vault.


The solution adopted has acted to improve the overall operation of the terminal, with increased security for passengers in transit, greater management control by the local management company and the guarantee of availability of the videos in a robust IP system. The images are viewed in real time in Socicam’s Operational Control Center, within the bus station center, and the entire environment is managed in Explora’s NOC (Network Operation Center), via an IP SNMP system.

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