Comprehensive IP surveillance at Southern Taiwan Science Park provides round-the-clock security and high patrolling mobility

“With the advanced surveillance functions enabled by Axis video encoders, our administrators are now capable of e-patrolling by simply staying at the office. The real-time monitoring of what is going on in our park not only provides manpower efficiency and immediate responsiveness, but also accelerates the investigation of any suspicious situation.“
Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration.


Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) extends over an area of more than 1,000 hectares. In order to identify security issues and provide quick response to incidents, the park’s management was looking for a video surveillance system allowing security guards to keep an eye on each and every road intersection.


A video surveillance system based on 32 Axis video encoders connecting 110 analog cameras to the IP network was installed at important road intersections. The video of what is going on throughout the park is transmitted via the network to the park’s surveillance centers, enabling centralized management of the park security.


With the all-weather, round-the-clock video surveillance system, the park’s security operators are now capable of e-patrolling anytime without having to be physically present on site, thus achieving high manpower efficiency and responsiveness to emergencies. Centralized video management has also helped significantly reduce maintenance costs and enhance the stability of video system.

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