Taking home security to a whole new level

Axis network cameras provide a safe environment for Johannesburg homeowners

The homeowners will continue to experience the amazing flexibility and usefulness of this surveillance system for some time to come.“ Frank Mullen, COO, Zinia.


A recent spate of crime in a suburban residential complex forced a Johannesburg couple to explore various surveillance system options. Cost effectiveness and ease of installation were two of the most important factors guiding the investigation and influencing the couple’s final decision.


Wireless telecommunication experts, Zinia, proposed a solution with Axis network cameras and AXIS Camera Companion. AXIS Camera Companion allows all video to be recorded on SD memory cards in the cameras; this eliminates the need for a central DVR, NVR, PC or server. For small businesses or budget conscious homeowners, AXIS Camera Companion software provides a cost-saving opportunity to view live or recorded video free of charge.


The northern Johannesburg-based couple are able to sleep easier now knowing that their home is under 24-hour surveillance. They are able to log on to the network cameras from the comfort and safety of their upstairs bedroom using an application on their iPad or iPhone. With the recent decision to start a family, there is a sense of relief that the baby will have a much more secure place to come home to.

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