Axis IP video surveillance means powerful solar protection

Solesa chose Axis thermal network cameras to provide security for a solar field

The choice of AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras was driven by the excellent performance provided by this model in all weather and lighting conditions, both during the day and at night.“ Claudio Toaldo, CEO, Sicurtel s.r.l.


Since 2007, Solesa has been an active player in the solar energy sector, developing, building and financing medium- and large-scale system projects. Solesa is one of Italy’s top corporations operating in the planning of photovoltaic fields. In 2010, Solesa set up a photovoltaic plant that occupies almost 52 acres in Poirino (Turin province) and can produce 7.4 MW of power. This site requires 24-hour security both along the entire perimeter and within the compound to prevent theft and vandalism, especially at night when darkness and weather factors make it easier to break in.


For the planning and building stages of the video surveillance system, Solesa contacted Axis partner Sicurtel, a leading security alarm systems company. The state-ofthe-art technological solutions provided by Axis include: an IP infrastructure that is easy to install and appropriate for all types of terrain; an HDTV video network that may be monitored remotely via PC, tablet or smartphone; 34 thermal network cameras and 2 IP cameras that provide reliable surveillance and a reduced risk of false alarms.


Axis has proven its technological expertise by providing video surveillance solutions with easy remote monitoring and with a low level of false alarms linked to weather factors. The installed cameras solve physical and logistical problems and issues linked to the implementation of the security system, preventing electromagnetic and light pollution.

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