Axis network cameras deter theft and control deliveries at 1C’s logistics center

“We did not use an invitation to tender. We chose the solution by ourselves, by carefully reviewing how the solutions from different manufacturers performed. We finally selected the Axis solution for its obvious benefits: a broad product range that satisfies the most demanding users, a good price/quality ratio, and extensive video capabilities based on the modern Axis equipment design.“
Sergey Kiselev, Head of Technical Support, 1C Company


1C, founded in 1991, specializes in the development, distribution, release, and support of computer software and business and personal databases. In order to prevent internal theft and increase quality and productivity, the company was looking for a video surveillance system that would provide additional control over employee activities as well as ensure effective monitoring of logistics processes. Additionally, the company wanted to verify the correct processing of deliveries by means of video recordings that would not only allow errors to be corrected (returning the product and shipping it to the right address), but also corrective actions to be taken to ensure that similar mistakes do not occur again.


1C purchased several Axis network cameras and meticulously tested them during working hours at various 1C sites. After the testing, the company’s experts, along with hired consultants, configured the system to provide video surveillance to the new logistics center. All business processes performed at the center were covered by this project. All sites requiring special surveillance were equipped with cameras of various specifications and capabilities. 1C did not have to involve third-party installers since the company had its own experts who were highly familiar with video surveillance systems. 1C chose an Axis IP-based video solution because of the cameras’ simple installation process; anyone familiar with cabling infrastructure and software can quickly and easily install, operate and maintain the Axis system.


“On the whole, we’re satisfied with the operation of the new system,” remarked Sergey Kiselev, Head of Technical Support. “It completely solves all the tasks that were presented to it.” The Axis IP-based system ensures full control over all business processes. Thanks to the highquality network cameras and continuous recording capability, the system operator can literally see every product unit passing through the warehouse. Since the system has been installed, no incidents of thefts have been detected. All company employees have also reacted positively towards the new system, for which 1C management had conducted an extended information campaign demonstrating the system’s capabilities and benefits. “The presence of the Axis video surveillance system at the logistics center has also helped to increase employee morale which, in turn, has increased quality and productivity,” concluded Sergey Kiselev.

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