Axis safeguards a UNESCO world heritage site

Axis IP cameras monitor the valuable artifacts at Faenza’s International Ceramics Museum

Since there is no direct control for each piece, the IP infrastructure of the Axis system allows for wide-range, intelligent monitoring making the most of the new high definition and video intelligence technology.“ Engineer Davide Lucchi, designer and system site manager.


Faenza’s International Ceramics Museum was founded in 1908 at the conclusion of the great International Exposition dedicated to Evangelista Torricelli, who carried the products of many Italian and European manufacturers. In 2000, UNESCO recognized it as “a monument professing a culture of peace” as the “expression of ceramic art throughout the world.” In order to protect its rich one-ofa-kind collections, the museum needed a video surveillance system equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


In order to design and build the video surveillance system, MIC contacted Lucchi engineering studio and R.C.M., a corporation that created an IP infrastructure that was easy to install and scalable, equipped with 85 cameras with standard and HDTV resolution and a new video encoder managed with image analysis software developed by Axis’ Application Development Partner ARTECO. Surveillance and control are therefore performed through a dedicated supervision system capable of focusing on specific control stations through “intelligent” video surveillance to follow events taking place in specific areas as defined by users.


R.C.M. was able to completely integrate the 13 preexisting analog cameras with 85 new generation Axis network cameras. The museum’s entire 9,000 m2 area is effectively monitored while containing costs, ensuring safety and preventing acts of vandalism and theft of the valuable ceramics collection and works that make Faenza’s MIC unique in the world.

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