Increased security at the University of Zaragoza

IP-based video surveillance for security and parking monitoring for a university community of more than 42,000 people

“Some features concerning IP video are imperative, such as scalability and the possibility of integration with other systems such as monitoring accesses.” Luis Laspuertas, University of Zaragoza Security Unit Director.


The University of Zaragoza is a public institution of research and higher education for the service of society, combining a tradition of almost five centuries of history as well as continuously updating its teaching methods. Its primary mission is to create and transmit knowledge for the purposes of student comprehensive training. Its university community is composed of more than 42,000 members. In 2007, the Security Unit was created in order to provide all facilities with the necessary means to offer security both for the community and the various buildings and University assets.


The University of Zaragoza Security Unit, with advisory services from Deinta, an Axis partner, started installing IP video cameras in different locations for video surveillance and parking monitoring in areas controlled by the University, which are at the disposal of employees, teachers, students and suppliers.


Surveillance cameras have now been installed in all university campuses, covering outdoor areas, accesses and common areas within buildings, and satisfaction level to date has been satisfactory. Progressively, and the budget permitting, new, state-of-the-art video services will be gradually implemented in all University buildings and facilities, as deemed necessary.

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