An intelligent video surveillance system for Aéroports de Lyon

Thanks to Axis IP video, Lyon’s Saint Exupéry Airport is able to estimate wait time at access control points and inform travelers

“The intelligence of Axis cameras combined with our software has allowed us to provide a rapid response that is well-adapted to our customer’s specific challenges.“ Jean-Baptiste Ducatez, CEO of Foxstream.


Saint Exupéry Airport is the third largest in France. With over 8 million passengers in 2011, it can accommodate up to 32,000 travelers per day. In an effort to constantly improve its service quality, the airport wanted to set up an intelligent video surveillance system to give passengers more information as they move around, including the wait times between security checkpoints and in departure lounges.


Aéroports de Lyon was seeking a reliable, autonomous solution. The company thus approached several specialists. The airport’s consultations led to a number of equipment and software solutions, which were studied closely for three months. Foxstream recommended a solution based on Axis network cameras, with software developed by Foxstream’s own engineers that analyzes and process images automatically and in real time.


Close to 50 network cameras were installed, and it took three months to test and adapt the installation from a technical and architectural standpoint. Aéroports de Lyon is very satisfied with the solution. “This solution based on IP video and image analysis has allowed us to flesh out the details of our project and to perfect operations at the airport. Beyond the satisfaction of the passengers that we achieve, we can see that it is a daily work tool that allows us to enhance our organization and assist our development,” said Frédéric Besson, the airport’s Information Systems project leader. Looking forward, Aéroports de Lyon may plan to deploy the same equipment at arrivals control booths.

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