Jincheon Yeongsusa Temple preserves cultural heritage with an Axis network video solution

Cutting-edge network cameras ensure disaster prevention and site security

“The Axis network cameras ensure practical video monitoring of the site through excellent performance and image quality. In the past, I always felt uneasy because I knew a fire could break out without anybody knowing, but I feel safe now.”
Head priest of Yeongsusa Temple.


Yeongsusa Temple is located in Dutasan (mountain) in Jincheon, Chungbuk; it was established by Jeungtongguksa (priest) in 918 (first year of Taejo - king of Goryeo) and expanded by Byeongamdaesa (priest) in 1624 (second year of Injo - king of Joseon). It is a famous temple where the oldest hanging Buddhist image, designated as national treasure #1551 and an important cultural asset, is kept. The fact that the temple was made of wood rendered it unsafe in case of fire breakout. Moreover, the fact that the temple is quite far from the local government’s office created some practical management issues. As the entity in charge of the management of Yeongsusa Temple, the Jincheon-gun office wanted to replace the existing CCTV system with an integrated disaster prevention system that would enable smooth remote management and efficient fire prevention.


The Jincheon-gun office opted for Axis day & night and PTZ network cameras, which had already been successfully installed in other cities and provinces to protect their cultural heritage. The video surveillance system in Yeongsusa Temple consists of a total of 8 cameras integrated with entry/exit sensors and alarm systems to ensure the highest security. Cameras are monitored using AXIS Camera Station video management software installed at the Jincheon-gun office and used by officials for remote management purposes. Two Axis network camera models are used to meet different requirements:
  • AXIS 221 Network Cameras with day & night function are installed inside each sanctuary.
  • AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras are installed in areas within the temple as well as utside the sanctuaries accessed by the general public with almost no restriction so that wider areas can be covered.


The Jincheon-gun office is very satisfied with the excellent disaster prevention system using Axis products, and is already having concrete plans to integrate real-time, 24/7 monitoring of other important cultural assets and national treasures into the video management system.

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