A modern and secure station using Axis surveillance cameras

With the renovation of Malmö Central Station, 110 surveillance cameras were installed, with the objective of improving passenger security

If you have decided to invest in a camera surveillance system, it is better to choose a really good system that is future ready, as you will profit from this in the long term.“ Martin Andersen, Quality Manager at Jernhusen


Malmö Central Station, which is owned and managed by Jernhusen, is Sweden’s third largest station. Each year, approximately 17 million people visit the station, and each day 350 trains arrive and depart. In December 2010, the new city tunnel in Malmö was opened, incorporating a 17-km-long connection, of which 6 km is underground. At the same time, the central station’s main building was rebuilt and new sections were added. The glass-covered concourse was opened and the central hall was transformed into an attractive marketplace. A large number of surveillance cameras were installed in connection with the renovation work. The cameras were installed to increase the safety and security of passengers and visitors to the station.


A total of 110 network cameras monitor all activities in the central hall, the glass concourse, some parts of the station’s hall and the car parks at Malmö Central Station. Models used include AXIS P5534-E and AXIS P3344-VE Network Cameras. The cameras are monitored from a security center in the station and the images are also sent to Malmö city surveillance center. The software that manages the display and the recording of the images comes from Axis partner Milestone Systems, called Milestone XProtect® Corporate video management software..


Jernhusen does not tolerate a lack of security or damage. Passengers and visitors should be able to enjoy their visit to Jernhusen’s stations and feel safe, regardless of what time of the day. Jernhusen has a concept called “safe station”, which is all about increasing safety through a variety of measures, ranging from better lighting to station assistants. “Safe station” also means increasing the use of camera surveillance. In addition to increasing passenger and visitor safety, the installation of security cameras also provides security for the security guards, who often must intervene to defuse a situation or remove people from the station. Sometimes the security guards must use physical force, and the cameras provide legal protection for both the guard and the person involved if a report of excessive use of force is submitted. The cameras have thus become an important addition to the patrolling security guard force.

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