Jeju City protects invaluable natural remains using an Axis network video solution

“The Axis network cameras eliminated all the troubles caused by the existing system – which led to its frequent breakdown – with its incomparable durability. As a result, Jeju City upgraded the safety of the forest fire monitoring system and consequently improved its efficiency and risk management capability.”
Jeju City Hall Official


Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist sites for its high environmental and cultural values. It has been designated a natural heritage by the UNESCO and is known under the name “Jeju Volcano Island & Lava Tubes”. In an effort to preserve its natural environment, protect natural heritage and minimize proprietary losses, Jeju City deployed a forest fire monitoring system back in 2006, which controls dangerous elements such as the 368 Oreums (parasitic volcanoes) within its territory. The system was based on analog cameras which caused not only frequent breakdowns but also system shutdown whenever the weather was unfavorable. This made Jeju City seek another solution. Jeju City wanted to integrate all the monitoring cameras to prevent the shutdown of the entire system due to the breakdown of a camera. The city was also looking for a system delivering superior image quality at all times, and ensuring smooth, reliable operation.


Jeju City opted for Axis PTZ network cameras which eliminated all troubles faced with the analog system. Because the cameras connect directly to the IP network, system integration was easy to realize and system operation far simpler than ever before.


Since the Axis network video solution has been deployed, Jeju City has seen the number of forest fire monitoring system shutdowns decreasing remarkably. This considerably contributed to the stable management of the province. The AXIS 214 PTZ Network Camera selected by Jeju City can provide far wider and more distinct views than the analog ones, thereby enhancing the city’s capability for forest fire monitoring, and improving the chances of extinguishing fire at an early stage. Today, Jeju City is ensuring efficient control of its Oreums and their surrounding environment thanks its state-of-the-art emergency handling solution.

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