Royal Tera Hotel is building Axis IP cameras into its architecture

Discreet and effective video surveillance for staff and clients

We are completely satisfied with the use of this video surveillance system because it’s a true management tool for everyday use. As an example, if there is an alarm at an exit, I can quickly consult the camera images in the area concerned to get a grip on the situation and decide on a course of action. Today, this is really high quality equipment and it assists the team with its job.“ Patrick Burosse, head of maintenance, Royal Tera Hotel.


The capital of New Caledonia, Noumea, has strong economic and cultural activities, and is becoming more and more of a tourist town. Since its construction, the new Royal Tera Hotel has chosen cameras that contribute to smooth operations and tranquility at the hotel without sacrificing aesthetics.


The Royal Tera Hotel had issued a call for tenders for the computer/safety equipment for its building. The Indeo company immediately stood out, proposing a digital solution adapted to the newly constructed infrastructure. In addition, there is the discretion and ease of installing the Axis network cameras: AXIS M3011 and AXIS M3203 models won over the hotel manager, as well as the architects. Today, more than 40 cameras are strategically installed throughout the 7 floors of the establishment.


Six months after the hotel opened, the video surveillance system has been effective and the client is both autonomous and satisfied; in fact, the manager and the operator have access to the images and can consult them on a daily basis if there is an incident and they can verify an intrusion remotely, or even just to ensure proper housekeeping.

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