Axis network cameras capture weather photos at weather stations

Day and Night cameras deliver high-quality images round-the-clock

“Our client’s weather stations are situated in city areas, outlying islands and even remote islands. With Axis network cameras installed, all the weather stations are unmanned and operating automatically. Our client could re-allocate their experts to focus on other mission-critical tasks at the observatory.”
Mr Ernest Yu, project engineer Pacific System Solutions Limited.


The weather bureau in Hong Kong is responsible for forecasting weather, issuing warnings on weather-related hazards and providing other services to the public. The weather bureau also provides real-time weather photos via its website so that tourists and members of the public can plan their travel in a direct and intuitive manner. Animations of the weather photos as well as some notable weather events are available on the website to help promote weather education for the public. The weather bureau has set up a number of weather stations but some of them are situated in remote areas which are not easily accessible. In order to provide realtime weather images to assist forecasters in forecasting weather and issuing weather-related warnings, the weather bureau decided to look for an IP-based video solution.


The weather bureau has a network of automatic weather stations at various locations in the urban and rural areas as well as on remote, outlying islands. After intensive product survey in the market and a series of product evaluation, the weather bureau finally selected Axis Communications as its network camera vendor. Over 10 sets of network cameras have been installed in some of these automatic weather stations. Weather photos captured are transmitted via fixed line broadband or GPRS in real-time. They are also made available every 15 minutes on the website of the weather bureau. The first camera, AXIS 2120 Network Camera, was installed at the weather station on an outlying island in 2004. It is still in use today and operates in good condition. The most recent camera deployment was AXIS 233D Network Dome Camera due to its powerful 35x optical zoom and Day and Night functionality.


Thanks to the Axis network cameras, the weather bureau can monitor the weather conditions remotely in real time via the Internet without the need to send someone on site. The cameras can handle all the monitoring, freeing the weather bureau specialists to focus on other business-critical projects. Easy to install, configure and maintain, they have proved to be a reliable choice, offering a host of advanced functionalities and benefits to the customer, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.

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