Axis IP cameras help prevent problems in Peruíbe public schools

Secretary of Education of Peruíbe has invested in Axis network cameras to monitor the public schools in the city

The model of Axis camera acquired met the needs of the monitoring systems implemented, even going beyond our expectations, and enabling the monitoring center to become much more efficient. The results were much better than we expected.“ Elisa Garcia, Secretary of Education of the Peruíbe local council.


The local council of Peruíbe, a coastal city in the State of São Paulo, through its Secretary of Education, decided to invest in video monitoring solutions with a single objective in mind: to prevent possible illegal acts on its premises. Bearing in mind that not all the public schools of the city have a caretaker, the Secretary of Education decided to install the monitoring service as a way of preventing vandalism and theft.


To carry out this initiative, and guarantee total surveillance of all that happens in the environment of the public schools, particularly in areas with more expensive equipment, like IT laboratories, the Secretary of Education of Peruíbe acquired 75 network cameras to monitor the public schools in the city. The purchase was made through a competitive tender process, which was won by ITS Brasil, an Axis partner, which installed AXIS 207 Network Cameras. The remotemonitoring system, with cameras and motion sensors, was installed in 34 municipal schools, as well as the Secretary of Education building itself. The implementation began in October 2009 and is now completed and fully functional. In total, an average of two AXIS 207 Network Cameras were used in each site monitored.


The main objective of the project was to decrease the number of occurrences in the sites monitored, a goal that was achieved beyond expectations, with these actions being reduced to practically zero. The Secretary of Education of the Peruíbe Local Council, Elisa Garcia, reveals that the results achieved through the new monitoring service were very positive, deterring and in many cases, preventing many cases of robbery, vandalism or inappropriate behavior within the school premises.

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