Brazilian gas stations use Axis cameras to implement a new business model

The Posto Túlio chain of gas stations is the first in the country to use cameras to monitor the entry and exit of vehicles, and charge trucks for prolonged stays

Throughout the project, we discovered all the potential we had at our disposal, based on the IP technology. Today, we are completely satisfied with the choice.“ Giovanni Pasa, administrative and financial director of the chain of Túlio gas stations.


Vehicles can enter gas stations on the Brazilian highways indiscriminately, and stay as long as they like. Drivers can spend the night if they want to, without paying anything. The gas station management can do very little when a driver complains of a theft in the area, which increases the value of insurance charged for transport. Faced with this long-standing problem, the Túlio chain of gas stations, located in the States of Rio Grande do Sul and Parana, in southern Brazil, has discovered that the solution may lie in technology.


The gas station network approached the Sigmafone team, a local integrator specializing in IT and CCTV. The project consisted of equipping entry and exit gates at each gas station with a high-definition camera that captures images of license plates. All the HDTV cameras are from Axis Communications. The images are managed by the software Digifort, an Axis partner, which record entry and exit times and create an interface with the CRM of the gas station. The whole external area of the gas stations is monitored by fixed AXIS P3344 Network Cameras, with a total of 42 units with HDTV quality. On completion of the project, there will be a total of 62, of this model alone. 25 AXIS M3011 Network Cameras were installed for the internal areas, like the convenience stores. For reading license plates at the entry and exit points, another 15 AXIS M3011 Network Cameras were installed, all with H.264 video compression standard.


Once it is 100% completed, the Posto Túlio project will become the biggest CCTV project of Sigmafone, with the collaboration of IP cameras. “Axis has a range of qualities that enable this project to provide what we want, which is to achieve imaging monitoring in HD, integrated with the RFID process,” said Márcio Augusto Marques, accounts manager.

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