Banco do Nordeste raises its level of safety with the use of IP technology

Brazilian bank modernizes its CCTV system, installing Axis network cameras

There were problems with the old infrastructure, which was based on an analog system, particularly in regard to the peripheral cameras, which had poor image quality, making processes of investigation and diagnosis difficult.“ José Boileau Esmeraldo Junior, Executive Manager of the Bank Security Division of the Corporate Security Environment.


Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB) is the largest regional development bank in Latin America. Its Administrative Center, in Fortaleza had an analog CCTV system. This was causing a loss of quality of the monitored images, which raised concern for the Executive Manager of the Bank Security Division of the Corporate Security Environment, José Boileau Esmeraldo Júnior.


Through a public tender process, BNB purchased Axis network cameras, and had them installed by integrator Imagem Segurança. The distributor Anixter organized the delivery of 25 AXIS P1344 Network Cameras with vandal-resistant housing, as well as 16 AXIS P5534-E Network Cameras, two AXIS T8311 joysticks and one AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder, complementing the offer of 5 cameras installed previously: four AXIS M1011 and one AXIS 207. In the acquisition phase, there are also 10 AXIS M1054 Network Cameras included. All this equipment is integrated with the Digifort Enterprise software.


The initial results were considered by José Boileau to be satisfactory, “particularly due to the gains in image quality and the ease of installation, besides enabling basic support to be carried out by internal network maintenance team.” In the Executive Manager’s view, “the solution acquired by the Bank is in keeping with the latest market trends, which guarantees a prolonged useful life of the system, lower maintenance contracts, and flexibility of updating.”

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