Hawthorne police oust crime from public park with Axis cameras

Network surveillance helps city give Eucalyptus Park back to the community

Thanks to the Axis IP cameras and the Iron Sky surveillance solution, crime is now basically non-existent in Eucalyptus Park.“ Lt. Jim Royer of the Hawthorne police department.


Eucalyptus Park, once an inviting recreation center for Hawthorne residents, had become a haven for drug dealers, truants and vandals. To combat crime, the police assigned a full-time officer to the park 11 hours a day. Law enforcement and public works needed a more costefficient way to increase public safety and security in the 6-acre park without straining their personnel resources.


Iron Sky, a Texas-based Axis partner specializing in physical security for city and public surveillance, devised a network surveillance solution that would allow police to remotely monitor park activity by controlling video cameras installed on the grounds from any location in the city. The wireless system connects an array of Axis pan/ tilt/zoom (PTZ) and megapixel network cameras through wireless mesh radios that transmit video to a communications tower adjacent to the Hawthorne police station. Iron Sky’s intuitive video management system lets officers view video, manipulate the cameras, record events and search archives using icons superimposed on a Google map of the park.


Since the Axis cameras went live, criminal activity has decreased dramatically. Most disturbances now involve nuisance behavior like loitering and violating park rules about skateboarding outside of designated areas. Officers look at events remotely before sending a patrol car to the park to maximize resources. And video immediately helps police identify and apprehend vandals. The solution has been so successful that the officer who had been stationed at the park is back on his regular street beat.

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