Axis tops the leaderboard for LPGA tournament security

Wegmans LPGA Championship teams with Axis and Securitronics to drive down security costs and increase net proceeds for charity

“We need security 24/7 to make sure we don’t lose materials and incur additional cost to the tournament. The Axis cameras give us wider coverage than we’ve had in the past and help us offset the high cost of paid overnight security.“ Linda Hampton, tournament director for Wegmans LPGA Championship Tournament.


The Wegmans LPGA Championship is one of four major golf tournaments on the LPGA Tour. With 100% of the net proceeds going to charity, tournament organizers were open to ideas that would increase their bottom line. One of the biggest budget line items was the contract for round-the-clock security staff. If they could augment golf course security with surveillance cameras, they could improve coverage – especially at night – with a more focused contracted security force.


Tournament organizers brought in Securitronics, a trusted NY-based security integrator and Axis partner, to install eight specially selected Axis network cameras for the event. A robust Fluidmesh wireless network transmitted the video at full frame rate and full resolution to a security trailer parked onsite, and ExacqVision server technology stored the video and allowed operators to view multiple camera feeds in real time. It also enabled security operators to push video out to smartphones used by security staffers patrolling the 300-acre Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford, NY.


With their exceptional day/night capabilities, the Axis network cameras helped security keep close watch over vulnerable assets left unattended overnight, such as golf carts, fully-loaded ambulances, and semi-trailers filled with food and hospitality supplies. Initially intended to supplement night patrols when visibility was limited, organizers quickly recognized that the Axis cameras could provide extra eyes on daytime activity as well. Security could remotely monitor traffic at shuttle bus stops and dispatch extra personnel to alleviate bottlenecks. The cameras also monitored some 100,000 spectators funneling through the visitor expo tent that led to the viewing galleries.

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