DigiMarket HK Ltd strengthens its office security with an Axis network camera

“This is the first time I am really hassle-free about our office security after the burglary happened last November.”
Addison Chan, Director of digiMarket HK Ltd


Shortly after a burglary in November 2008, digiMarket HK Ltd contacted Axis Communications to strengthen the security of its office. As well as cash, the burglars stole valuable laptop computers and monitors, which stored important company files and data. As a small usiness, digiMarket HK Ltd did not have the frequent data back up that many large companies can easily afford to conduct on a regular basis. “The files and data stored on the laptops were a huge property loss to digiMarket”, says Zoe Yung, the General Manager of digiMarket HK Ltd. “This not only leads to a long recovery time, but also hinders later operation efficiency” for us, she adds.


After a consultation with Axis Communications, the AXIS M1031-W Network Camera was installed in digi- Market’s office. With a passive infrared sensor for detecting movement – even in the dark – the advantages of the AXIS M1031-W were soon clear for the IT marketing specialist firm. One of digiMarket HK Ltd’s clients, for instance, places valuable products in its office as part of a logistics arrangement. Without a secure area, digiMarket HK Ltd would be unable to offer this service, thereby making the company less competitive for projects such as this. The camera uses progressive scan technology, provides VGA images of moving objects with no distortion, and multiple video streams are individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints. The network linkage between the camera and digiMarket HK Ltd’s computers will instantly provide Ms Yung with images via e-mail if there is a break-in at the company’s office. And, thanks to 3G technology, Ms Yung can receive the images on her cell phone. “This allows me to monitor the office 24 hours a day,” Ms Yung says. Addison Chan, the Director of digiMarket HK Ltd, says: “This is the first time I am really hassle-free about our office security after the burglary happened last November.”


The easy and flexible installation of the world’s smallest and smartest network camera has made a huge difference at digiMarket HK Ltd. Not only is staff more confident by the security the camera offers, they also know that their office is constantly monitored and the company’s vital files and data are protected. “Staff is assured by the strengthened office security as a result,” says Ms Yung. And, with the advanced security and network management features, such as HTTPS encryption with maintained performance, IPv6 and quality of service, digiMarket is confident in the knowledge that it will be extensively protected for a long time to come. Clients now also have more confidence in placing their valuable products in digiMarket HK Ltd’s office since the company enhanced its security with the installation of the network camera. And with the improvement of office security, digiMarket HK Ltd has broadened its scope and increased its business volume.

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