Italian ski resort uses IP video surveillance onboard cable cars and in stations

Axis solution keeps travelers safe and secure in the largest cable car system in the South Tyrol region

In a very short time and at a nominal cost we were able to equip the new cable cars with a video surveillance system which has proved from the outset to be extremely efficient and reliable. Thanks to Axis and its partner Itel di Locatelli, we are able to offer our guests safety and tranquility when traveling for work and pleasure.“ Karin Tscholl, Cable Car Merano 2000.


Cable Car Merano 2000 needed to equip the new facility at the Merano 2000 ski resort with a surveillance system that would enable reliable, quality monitoring of the 3 stations, the cabins and the path. The solution needed to be rugged and reliable, given the difficult installation conditions of some system components.


Itel di Locatelli, a firm from Bolzano who installs and manages video surveillance, telephone and cable systems, chose to equip the facility with 13 fixed dome AXIS P3344-VE Network Cameras. The cameras were installed along the path of the cable car, inside the stations and the two cabins.


The solution adopted proved to be completely satisfactory for the client. Thanks to continuous monitoring of the stations, cabins and the exterior, users are able to enjoy a safe, cutting-edge transportation system.

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