Axis solution improves safety in Thai private school

Raising educational standards with the help of an integrated security system

The welfare of our students is always top of mind and alongside security and safety, we also pride ourselves on developing our students’ academic potential by taking advantage of the latest global technological advances. That’s why we have chosen Axis, not only to protect our entire school community but also to use it to improve the learning and teaching process.““ Mr. Phachernvas Srichai, Director of Baiboonlamphun School.


As one of the busiest educational facilities in the region, Baiboonlamphun School’s highest priority is the safety and security of its students and teachers. In addition, the school’s management team has a vision of introducing technology that has the potential to improve the quality of the education provided as well as greatly enhancing security and safety.


Digitalcom deployed a network camera system that allows the school to monitor classrooms and other indoor areas as well as balconies and the areas behind buildings. This allows management to keep an eye out for the safety of students as well as observe classroom dynamics to give feedback to teachers.


By remotely accessing the system, school management can now examine each classroom to ensure teachers are getting the most out of their students. Students’ parents now also have a greater confidence in the safety of their children due to the video coverage of the playground, behind buildings and at the school gates.

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