Seongbuk District Office improves child safety with Axis surveillance solution

Monitoring effectiveness of children’s safety zone with Axis HDTV network cameras

The Seongbuk District Office recently installed Axis HDTV-class megapixel PTZ network cameras within the campus and near elementary schools, the first occasion to do so among local level governments. Through this measure, the children in our district are able to walk to and from school without fear and parents have greater peace of mind. Through the deployment of the state-of-the-art Axis system, we have reduced the incidence of repair and maintenance and expect to take advantage of the system’s scalability in future expansions.“ Seongbuk District Office.


The Seongbuk District Office has been cited as the best district in education support projects for two years in a row since 2008. The program to install video surveillance in elementary schools and surrounding areas where children walk to and from school has been one of these projects. It has won praise by reducing traffic-related accidents and school violence incidents. As more and more cases of child molestation, kidnapping, and other criminal acts against children are reported, parents are asking for more effective prevention measures. To protect children and make parents feel safe in sending their children to school, the Seongbuk District Office needed a high-performance network camera solution that ensured more effective management of campus safety.


What the Seongbuk District Office cared about most in the latest project was the camera’s resolution. The analog cameras the office had installed in the previous project had a resolution of 410,000 pixels; too low to be useful for analysis purposes. The old system had another problem in that it was not so easy to repair when any of the devices malfunctioned. The decision makers in the office ultimately came up with a plan to improve surveillance effectiveness by introducing HDTV-class, high-quality network cameras.


To that end, Axis partner Y Information, designed and installed megapixel high-definition AXIS P5534-E and AXIS P1344, a significant step up from the analog camera’s resolution. The Seongbuk District Office was the first local government to introduce the HDTV-class 360°-rotating pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras. Thanks to this ambitious investment, the district office enhanced surveillance effectiveness within the children’s protection zone. In addition, it built the infrastructure for future integrated surveillance projects by adopting the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)-certified Axis network cameras.

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