Transforming analog to network video enhances surveillance solution

Axis video encoders enable SPI Lasers to create a safer environment for staff

“Thanks to our new video surveillance system we can now keep a close eye on all parts of our operations and continue to provide a safe and secure environment for all our staff and visitors.“ Mark Bayliss, facilities manager, SPI Lasers.


Manufacturers need a safe and secure environment for their staff, and SPI Lasers, a designer and manufacturer of optical fiber-based lasers required a video surveillance system that could deliver real-time footage of its entire site. The organization was looking to invest in a new IP-based surveillance system while at the same time making the most of its existing investment in its analog cameras.


Due to its expertise in implementing video surveillance in high security environments, SPI Lasers turned to iCatcher partner, Reticom Data Networks, to provide an iCatcher Console recording solution from iCode and a range of cameras including AXIS 212 PTZ Network Cameras. Axis cameras are used in the manufacturing areas and provide a full overview and instant one-click pan, tilt and zoom with sharp image resolution. SPI Lasers is also using Axis video encoders to convert its analog cameras to IP.


Thanks to its new surveillance system, SPI Lasers now has a safer and more secure environment for its staff and visitors. The organization’s manned security desk has access to the iCatcher Smart Client which provides real-time access to all footage and playback displayed on a four screen video wall. The management team has immediate access to footage which means potential accidents can be avoided and creates a far safer working environment for its staff in both manufacturing and Quality Assurance.

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