Jinju City introduces Axis network cameras to prevent illegal waste disposal

24/7 monitoring using high-resolution PTZ network cameras create comfortable city environment

“Thanks to the Axis network cameras supporting day and night surveillance and audio communication, the number of cases of illegal waste disposal has decreased rapidly. Today, the environment of Jinju City has become truly comfortable.”
JinJu city official


In preparation for the 2010 National Games, Jinju City is making all-out efforts to improve its environment and enhance the image of the city. In particular, the city has been making every effort to rearrange tree lining in the streets and improve roads, yet the problem of unauthorized waste disposal has been on the rise. Since it gives rise to problems such as damaging the beauty of the city and bad smells, Jinju City decided to install surveillance cameras to effectively control the actual sites of illegal waste disposal day and night.


Jinju City opted for IP-based video technology and introduced high-resolution network cameras. The video surveillance system comprises 23 AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras. These day and night cameras featuring twoway audio, ensure positive identification even under low light conditions, and enable the city officials to communicate through loudspeakers and microphones with the people dumping waste. As opposed to analog CCTV cameras, the AXIS 214 PTZ provides high-quality color video under low light conditions, thanks to its high-performance CCD and automatic Day/Night function; if securing the necessary illumination level becomes difficult, the camera automatically switches to black & white images. The motion detection function also minimizes storage space and bandwidth consumption. The system is configured to monitor the entire site and automatically zoom in on and store the images of persons disposing wastes illegally, to capture not only their act of illegal waste dumping but also identify them clearly. The 18x optical motorized lens with auto focus makes it possible to zoom in on a small or distant object with exceptional clarity. The city officials can thus easily track objects of interest with fast and high precision PTZ.


Thanks to the Axis network cameras that transmit sharp and clear images in real time and provide efficient surveillance of the sites, the Jinju City office can now easily and conveniently perform monitoring at all times and better control illegal waste disposal. This has resulted in a rapid decrease in the number of cases, thus further enhancing the image of Jinju City as a comfortable city.

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