Integrated intelligent campus surveillance

Axis helps Chinese Academy of Science realize all-digital HDTV monitoring

“Axis is the leader in network video surveillance, the excellent video quality and stability of its network cameras have given us great confidence regarding this monitoring system. Furthermore, the excellent performance of Axis low bit rate streaming has greatly reduced our storage costs, and it has been proven that the Axis network solutions fully satisfied our requirements for high-definition and real-time video, stability, and intelligent applications, which effectively helped us improve the management efficiency of the campus.“ Director Zhang, Shanghai Research Center for Urban Public Safety.


Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science occupies an area of 105.5 hectares and focuses mainly on the application, research and personnel training in advanced technologies. The Advanced Research Institute emphasizes the R&D of core technologies within the national strategic objectives, and actively promotes technology transfer. At the same time, it also promotes inter-disciplinary research of cutting-edge technologies, and cultivates innovative individuals who have an entrepreneur spirit.


Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science chose to implement the Axis all-digital network monitoring solution to realize the distributed monitoring and centralized management of the entire campus, with approximately 400 channels in total. Focusing on the client’s specific requirement at different locations, while taking into account video resolution, stability and future expandability, the front-end mainly utilized AXIS P1344 and AXIS P3344 Network Camera, both supporting Power over Ethernet, which directly transfer digitized video to the monitoring center through the private network of the campus, thus realizing centralized monitoring and management.


Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science hoped to achieve high-definition video quality for its surveillance system, while also taking into consideration the various factors such as real-time video, stability, scalability, storage capacity and costs. In addition, due to the high number of channels, an effective way to help the security department manage all of the channels was required. Axis network cameras have fully met the customer’s needs.

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