Axis solution provides security for petrochemical company in northeast China

Large-scale enterprise IP surveillance system enhances safety and security

For many years, Axis products have maintained their reliability in our refining facilities and its extremely harsh industrial environment. It is a great value.“ Li Gong, IT Center, Petrochemical Company.


The IP surveillance system of the northeastern petrochemical company was put into operation initially at the end of 2004 with 84 surveillance points. After gradual expansions each year, it has now reached a total of over 500 surveillance points. The IP surveillance system promoted the cooperation between internal and external daily operations, realized continuous inspection, and has discovered the cause of several dozen incidents, providing evidence for many cases of major accidents. It has provided good support for plant safety and border security.


The main monitoring areas of the system include: administrative office areas, security areas, production and production support areas among others. The system utilizes network cameras and analog cameras plus video encoders to realize IP surveillance and centralized management of all surveillance points. Because the surveillance area is an industrial environment that requires industrial-grade cameras, the front-end uses Axis network cameras and analog cameras of a different brand, and the analog signals are transmitted to the monitoring center through fiber-optic, while the back-end employs AXIS 2400, AXIS 241Q and AXIS 243Q Video Encoders. The monitoring center is equipped with a central management server to centrally manage all front-end cameras, video servers, back-end storage servers and user rights. A storage server and RAID system were used to achieve centralized storage of all cameras, using Axis video decoders in combination with a digital matrix to form a TV wall. Result Axis video encoders can digitize analog signals and transmit digital videos directly through the IP network (LAN, intranet, internet). With sufficient bandwidth, users can browse through high-definition real-time videos with resolution up to 704x576p anywhere, anytime on any computer with access to the Internet. By using the Axis video encoders, the company built a new surveillance network that is both simple and flexible. It is also very convenient to expand surveillance points by adding cameras, video servers and software licenses.

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