Network cameras capture classroom lessons

Pass Christian School District uses Axis network cameras to promote security and academic excellence

“Though we’ve never experienced a serious incident in our schools, we feel our Axis network cameras will help us be proactive in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for our students and teachers.“
Dr. Teresa Burton, Technology Director for the Pass Christian School District


When Hurricane Katrina nearly obliterated the city of Pass Christian in 2005, the Mississippi gulf school district faced a rebuilding project of enormous proportion. Two of its four schools had been reduced to rubble, one required extensive restoration and a fourth was significantly damaged and is being subsequently demolished and rebuilt. With new construction underway, school district administrators decided to take a proactive stance on school security by incorporating state-of-art surveillance in all of its buildings.


Axis partner CameraWATCH Technologies, a Jackson, Mississippi-based system integrator with extensive experience in network-based surveillance systems for schools, helped Pass Christian School District deploy an array of Axis network cameras at its newly-erected elementary and middle schools, administrative building and daycare center. CameraWATCH is also working with the district to implement Genetec’s Omnicast network video surveillance security solution as well as its Synergis IP access control solution as part of its comprehensive protective strategy.


School officials can now track visitors entering and exiting any campus building as well as identify the license plates of vehicles in the vicinity of its schools and district office. Administrators feel the network cameras are serving as effective deterrents to disruptive behavior on school grounds. The district is also planning to use the network cameras to help outstanding teachers mentor their peers through live recordings of actual classroom activities that have led to high academic achievement.

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