Amusement park prefers high definition security cameras from Axis

Europa-Park secures more than 4 million visitors a year with 150+ Axis network cameras

Integration into camera management is an important selection criteria, so that we can use and service the numerous cameras comfortably.“ Michael Steiert, IT-Services, Europa-Park.


Europa-Park in Rust is Germany’s largest amusement park. Here visitors can enjoy more than 100 rides and attractions. And if you’re traveling a long distance, you can stay at one of the four 4-star themed hotels. “Such a large and complex property as Europa-Park cannot be prudently secured without video surveillance,” explains Reinhard Egner, consulting engineer at Europa-Park. “We have dispersed 150 operational cameras throughout the park and can thus monitor everything from the throng of visitors to the exterior gates and individual buildings; everything that is important for the security service and for building protection.”


Because of the size of the Europa-Park property, only IP-based network cameras are in use that are connected to a SeeTec camera management solution. This in turn is integrated into building management so that all cameras from this system can be centrally controlled. Currently Europa-Park is replacing, in a longer-term project, the first generation surveillance cameras with new devices that provide better image quality and are more easily controlled. Within the framework of this project during the first upgrade, 30 new Axis network cameras of varying models were installed on the park property.


“The AXIS Q6034-E and AXIS P3344 Network Cameras are the best cameras that are currently available on the market for their respective application areas,” says Michael Steiert, IT Services, Europa Park, in explaining the decision. “We are excited about how easily these newly installed Axis cameras can be integrated into camera management.“

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