Axis network cameras provide Xinyu Hendry with intelligent video management of its retail stores

"The network video system has proven to be a great tool to improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide more accurate data for better informed decisions." - Xinyu Hendry General Marketing Manager


Xinyu Hendry Group is the retailer and wholesaler of world-class luxurious watches. The Group has a wide sales network across mainland China and Hong Kong, with up to 166 retail stores in main cities distributing about 50 world-renowned brands. It also distributes 17 world-renowned brands on an exclusive basis, through its 300 authorized resellers across 40 cities. With such a huge network and multiple branches, the company was facing untimely and inaccurate management issues. In order to increase management efficiency, the company’s headquarters decided to look for an IP-based video surveillance solution. They wanted to deploy a central management platform to perform management and control of the stores while ensuring the integrity of supervision. The company also required a video analytics solution to generate statistics of people entering and leaving the shops, as well as analyze employee availability within certain timeframes.


With the help of Beijing Internet Institute, Xinyu Hendry installed a total of 200 Axis network cameras – with four to eight AXIS 207W wireless network cameras installed in each of its stores, including the ten flagship shops in Beijing and Shanghai. With this network video solution in place, the headquarters can now access the cameras from a central management platform, and have a full overview of all camera positions within the stores and the overall retail chain network.


The Axis IP-based video solution has satisfied many requirements simultaneously. It has improved the employees’ sense of security, as well as their service level and skills. It has also fully met the headquarters’ need for remote and centralized store management. Authorized personnel can now access the images of the shops at any time and any place in a secure manner, thus improving management efficiency and reducing travel expenses. Round-the-clock video recording enables documenting and tracing back employee service scenarios and incidents, which can be used as evidence for post-processing. The system’s intelligent video functions, such as shop traffic statistics delivered in the form of daily and weekly customer traffic reports, also provide executives with an excellent basis for important decision making. Thanks to their support of MPEG-4 video streams, Axis network cameras have also been highly appreciated for their outstanding network performance and their ability to transmit high-quality video using low bandwidth. Moreover, the Axis cameras are “plug and play”, only requiring power supply and network connection to operate. As opposed to analog solutions, Axis network cameras fully eliminate the need for proprietary equipment and are fully based on open industry standards, which shortened installation time and makes future maintenance easy. Standard IT storage equipment is used to record video. These factors have greatly contributed to keeping the overall investment cost to a minimum.

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