Mega International Commercial Bank implements outstanding security surveillance from Axis

Network camera solution provides proactive prevention and timely resolution for any security incidents

Our 4-phase implementation of the new generation network surveillance system has enabled proactive security management. The outstanding image quality of our Axis network cameras help security personnel easily and timely identify attributes of incidents. As a result, we are free from any security blind spots and able to provide the best protection to our premises and customers.“ Mr. Lo, Director, Mega International Commercial Bank.


As an investment-class financial organization, Mega International Commercial Bank is committed to ongoing improvement of its approach to any security issues by fortifying its security defense system eliminating blind spots and making it possible to immediately control and resolve any incident on and outside its premises. Only proactive deterrence and prevention mechanisms can ensure the best financial service quality.


Mega International deployed AXIS M1031-W Network Cameras, a camera which offers two-way audio communication and integrates a passive infrared sensor. The cameras enable the bank to precisely monitor the premises and vicinities of its more than 100 domestic branches with the lowest manpower required.


With the AXIS M1031-W, Mega International Commercial Bank can immediately resolve any security and customer service issue by effective deterrence and prevention before anyone or anything suspicious poses real risks, and additionally providing necessary support to related departments. The high resolution of Axis network cameras also provides effective evidence to facilitate dispute and issue resolution.

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